Following the birth of her son Tom, Rosie decided to put her creative streak to good use by creating illustrations for friends and loved ones - it was her way of giving herself back a little ‘me time’ whilst at the same time sharing a little something of herself in the gifts she gave her nearest and dearest.  Soon after only a few of her designs had been received, she began to receive additional commission requests using the unique style that can now be seen across all her gifts, but it was the steady flow of work and enjoyment she got from her design work that prompted her to leave her day job at Burberry and start up her very own design lead business, and so ‘Fabrose’ was born.

Over the years, Rosie has been able to bring her love and flair for all things design, vintage and retro, into her design lead business by widening her offering from simply gifts into services such as branding, digital, design and photography services. This has allowed her to keep her designs and skills fresh and current whilst giving her the opportunity to work with a number of well-known and small business start-ups and brands.

Rosie grew up in Stoke on Trent and later attended UEL where she received a BA in Textile Design. She now lives in Hampton Hill, Middlesex where she lives with husband Daren and son Tom and when she’s not in her studio, Rosie can be found spending time with her family or hunting down vintage finds which she takes further inspiration from in her gifting collection.